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Experts in SMS. Globally

Everyone in our team has 3-10 years experience in sms business. Our mission is to link people and make business international. Hicell aims to sms aggregators and bulk messaging firstly. Innovations, quick solutions, efficient communication with partners - three core values of progressive telecom service as to sms sending globally. Our platform works from 2017 and link companies with their customers through cell phone as the most efficient method to communicate with users. We help to solve your issues with clients communication.

Obligations of our employees regarding personal data

We not only care about the safety of your personal data, not only guarantee full compliance of our service with the requirements of EU legislation. In order to complete the full protection for you, each of our employees is obligatorily warned of personal responsibility for failure to ensure the safety of your data. We do everything to make the using of our resource be safe and comfortable.

Example of commitment

Having achieved excellence in work, learn to work even better. So do all the great masters.

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