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Through our API you get prices, reports, invoices and send sms automatically. Integrate communication capabilities with Hicell Api which was created by our in-house team of developers. If you need help with SMS, Chat, and Voice APIs integration our experts support you.


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Your data is secured and codified. This means info is not transferred to third parties.


Connect your customers more efficient, easier and more accessible than before.


We work hard and smart, so you get updates on a timely basis. We pay attention to details and reach the goals.


A team of 10 specialists are always help you wherever you are 24 hours a day. We grow and inspire together with market and other companies.


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Frequency asked question

Can I send SMS through the personal account?

Yes, you can send an SMS with your personal account. In order to do this, please contact your manager or technical support department, and we'll add this option.

How can I send SMS via your service?

You can send sms through personal account as well as the API and SMPP.

Whether is it possible to use several logins with the overall balance?

Yes, our system allows, in order to create a new login You need to tell us one of your existing accounts login which connected with balance. Keep in mind that you can not combine a balance of existing logins.

What functions are available for the API?

Not only sending SMS, you can also check balances, check credit, currently price list.

Where to get an API key in order to use API?

API key you generate in your own private office(https://hicell.net/cabinet/profile/api_settings/edit/), keep in mind that once you get the API KEY it will not be displayed any more, and it won’t be able to restore.

I got a non-standard error code when sending SMS via SMPP, how to understand what does it mean?

We use the standard error codes for the SMPP 3.4. but we also have a few non-standard codes that we use. The list of codes and descriptions you can find in the description of the specifics of our SMP

Can the allowed IP Restriction be removed to connect for SMPP?

Yes we can also remove and put a limit. By default, you can connect from any IP.

What SMPP modes are available to connect?

  • transceiver
  • transmitter
  • receiver

How many bind can be connected via SMPP?

3 by default. But if you need more, please contact your manager or technical support.